Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In The End

It was eight years ago...

Attending her routine family dinner,
memory told it was 20th April, 2003.

Stopped in front of the red light,
thinking of not being late,
i had her hand in mine,
loneliness was no longer with us,
love is in the air.

Doubted for a week,
either it was too sudden,
either we were not match at all,
perhaps God was fooling with us,
love is blind,
you would never know.

I kissed her on her birthday night,
no one was ever happier than me.

Love songs were played,
over the night at Grand Bay,
vodka and whiskey were served,
enjoyed, we did.

We started our new chapter in life,
i drove her to work sometimes,
together we worked out,
handling all the harms.

Young heart at that moment,
oughta think of marriage,
until we were ready.

Several years passed by,
enjoyed but hurt sometimes,
everyone tasted.

Programs those i've handled,
even she wasn't happy with,
i was stubborned to carry on.

Sticking to all my believes,
until today,
nothing i own and all just...
gone with the wind.

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