Monday, April 23, 2007

Income Tax

walaueh... i got 3 weeks holiday!!! lots of ppl envy of me, but who cares, my life still continue... can go eat wan tan mee 2molo early early morning, sipeksong... mua ha ha ha...

den den den play dota at home after breakfast leh... hmmm... anyway, gotta spend my time wisely, else will be wasted n end up ki siao doing my work at the end of 3 weeks.

income tax gotta settle 1st... lots of things hv 2 fill in, sure will spend lots of time tracing all my income n xpenses, gai liao lar dis time.

toking bout income tax, lots of ppl keep on complaining dat govment is taxing us too high n using those $$$ doing stupid biznes n development. hmmm... sometimes i'm really confuse bout wat ppl say, they where not asked a single cent 4 their children education n 4 god sake, the poors even got subsidise.

as far as i concern, our income tax rate is among the lowest in the world leh, dunno y ppl still bising bising when paying tax, after all, v all nd 2 do it wat, dun tell me u r gonna stay in dis country withoout any contribution.

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