Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Mighty Reds & Loh Mee

Liverpool blunted Chelsea's cutting edge once again 2 earn da point they required 2 finish top of Champions League Group G with a 0-0 draw at Stamford Bridge. Jose Mourinho's men have yet 2 score against Liverpool in 4 Champions League games...!!!

I din watch da game lastnite, coz i knew it will b damn boring, coz both side had qualified 4 knock-out round d b4 da game starts. But me damn song, coz Pool is doing gud lately... Not conceeding any goal 4 da past 9 games, cool...

Damn tired lastnite listening 2 another mlm presentation, it's actually some kinda sharing, which let me get more knowledge. Dat's y just woke up lor (actually it's 2 hrs ago liao), but still sitting in front of my pc, do some earnings as well... hehe...

So, v all hv 2 take breakfast, right? Probably will eat 'Loh Mee' later, calling my fren 2 tapao 4 me from down town. Hey, da loh mee there damn delicious ler... but da hawker sometimes quite kiam siap lor, gv little of noodle oni, hv 2 double da size n pay xtra.

Da shop is beside kuan imm teng (separated by a small road actually), da temple next 2 PG Chinese Town Hall. Da loh mee stall is inside da coffee shop lor, biz hr from morning til afternoon... Can hv breakfast there; den go jalan jalan 4 while, cum back 4 lunch at da same place; den go kia kia again, cum back 2 tapao 4 dinner at da same place again... phew... wat a loh mee day, sipeksong!

I love eating loh mee, wan tan mee n hock kien mee, shall share more info when got chance...

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