Monday, September 03, 2007

An Interesting Note That I Found This Morning

In a lonely night,
Love seems to be far away,
Obstacles just by my side,
Verify your existance in my heart,
Every moments that we share,
You and me,
Opening each other's heart,
Can we keep on going...
Halt or carry on,
Contradictory or acommodating.

I saw this note, or perhaps we can pronounce it as a poem, written on a small piece of A4 paper. It was found somewhere at my working place, sounds interesting... but not on my table. Hmmm... I believed the owner must be worry looking for it.

The words are so touched, the writer must be deeply falling in love with someone and confused. What I can say here is... it's really a nice piece of art, which is really worth to share with others, that's why I publish it.

Give some opinion, maybe it can be our inspiration in writting love letter or poem in the future. Good luck to all those who are falling in love now, may God bless you!

And... to the one I love, I will love you forever, until your last breath.

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