Friday, August 31, 2007

A Trapped Soul

In the most memorable night of the whole nation,
Middle of the room,
Inferior of a young heart,
Soft spoken soul,
Sadness was seen in the eyes,
Yelling at the mirror,
One can see that the soul is...

Likewise most of the souls out there,
Ambitious heart,
Made the special one...
Excel in almost everything,
Envy by others,
Wrong time and place,
Entrapped the lonely soul,
In the isle of nowhere.

In the following morn,
The trapped soul,
Helpless and hopeless,
Insulted by the ray of hot sun,
Never give up,
Keep on going,
Intuition mind made the soul stronger,
Lots of ways were...
Offered to this soul,
Valued one by one,
Everything was being calculated,
Young heart and fresh mind,
Of the soul,
Underestimated by others,
Too strong for the slate,
Of the society,
Overcoming every harm one by one.

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