Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Supremacy - The State of Supreme

A word that is not really new to lots of people nowaday, it's what everybody is chasing and looking for, i believe.

But how people define supremacy? It seems that we all are not having the same point of view when talking about this word. Some may say it's regarding supreme in having power or authority; some may say it's all about dominating and conquering someone or an organization; and some may say that the quality or condition of being supreme makes them great; and bla bla bla...

Is it really a matter of being supreme? Is it really great? Here comes the argument: Do those who think that they are supreme or recognized by others that they are supreme, are really supreme in everything? How do we, human being, judge the supremacy of the one that we believe he/she deserve to be recognized for?

I believe that not all people are supreme in everything that they do. Regardless the title that they are holding in their organization, after all it's just something for others to obey rather than to respect. This is not really supreme, this is just power which is given to the superior prior to control sub-ordinates.

To be frank, if we think that someone is supreme, is it really that matter that he/she must be given the recognition? What I have in mind is: One does have to be recognized his/her supremacy when he/she really deserves it. As long as he/she has done the best to contribute to the entire world until the last breath, this is SUPREME.

The more we learn what to do with ourselves,
and the more we do for others,
the more we will learn to enjoy the abundant life,
this is supreme.

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