Tuesday, December 06, 2005

MLM... not malam.

Lots of ppl heard bout MLM, it's not shortform 4 malam... Actually it's Multi Level Marketing (4 those who dunno). Da son of direct selling (during our nenek moyang time), i suppose.

Da 1st time i heard bout mlm was 10 yrs ago, dat time after SPM exam. Everybody was looking 4 part time jobs, so dat can earn some xtra income 4 a few mths b4 going back 2 school. So, there a few of my frens, they joined a mlm company, operating 4 more than 10 yrs d, gud background... they couldn't resist it, lure by da power of $$$... promoting 2 frens whenever got chance.

After my SPM, i continued study til i get a degree. Hmmm... felt damn happy when i got it (actually it's 1 of my dream). Then join da working community lor, tested many kinds of field d, learnt a lot...

Da most important things dat i've learn is bout mlm lor... I met lots of ppl around da country, half of my frens r making their earnings from either mlm or finance consultancy (insurance lar). But most of them r in 1st option.

Wat's so special bout mlm? Some said u can earn residue income, even when u r sleeping or shiting; some said u can even use others energy n time 2 generate more income. No matter wat it is, end of da day, ppl will say u can b financially free after 3 yrs if u join 2day, walaueh... where 2 get dis kinda kangtao???

MLM ppl say: "if u run conventional biz, u will need 2 manage lots of ppl n spending lots of money 2 start up; if u do mlm... u can start ur own biz from as low as a few ringgit, ain't dat great?"

I've seen lots of my frens fail in dis field as well, den they change dif mlm company. Really got dis kinda ppl, hooping around among mlm companies, some can change up to 10 different mlm companies in a yr!!! Da reason they always gimme is like: da upline not supportive; dis company no gud prospect; failing 2 get new customers, always got rejects oni, den feel fedup... bla bla bla...

Y dis kinda ppl neva look into da proplems seriously??? Y always find excuses??? Y neva look at their ownself??? Lots of ppl quit their job n run da so called 'own business' fulltimely. Y do they hv 2 do dat? Since they've a stable job, y not treat it as part time? Y must get a new prospect everyday? Y not make it like leisure? Sharing works better than trying 2 convince a person, sorry if i'm wrong. Y start 2 sell even u urself not yet try da products? Omg... some more can tell ppl da effectiveness... walaueh...

Ok lar... dat's my voice bout mlm... mayb got some more input some other time... How bout u?

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