Monday, December 05, 2005


Hwah... lagi tulis lagi siok... dis is de 2nd time i blog liao 2day.

Rabbit... an animal wif 2 long ears, often found in white, sometimes u can make it colorful if u spray it with multiple colors.

I got a fren name Rabbit, but 4got d when did v gv him dis name... Actually he ain't cute like da real rabbit, oso dunno y v gv him dis kinda name.

He always hooping around, changing jobs... some think dat's cool... can quit job anytime n get a new 1 da next couple of days, ain't dat gud?

He's sleeping now, omg!!! On my pillow!!! On my bed!!! Dis fellow likes 2 sleep... 10 times cum my hs, sleep 9 times... Go his hs oso always c him wearing pijamas...!!!

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