Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tale of A Faded Saint

Persons of exceptional holiness of life.
We have them in our heart,
Not easy to be one.

Created by the One,
Walking through lots of life paths.
Great holiness, virtue and benevolence,
Made them canonized.

The one I met,
Neither holy nor recognized.
In my heart,
A mortal man...

Give love, care and helping hands.
In others' eyes,
He's immortal, a problem solver,
A man with no regret doing anything.

Who cares?
That he's just an ordinary man.

Lots of problems to solve,
Commitments to handle,
Persons to care of,
He's mortal.

His immortality is faded,
In his own eyes,
While staring at the mirror,
Looking at the man in the mirror.

He has problems,
Tonnes of them,
Pressuring, squeezing him,
He can't breathe.

Who else can hear him screaming?

His heart is weak,
He's helpless,
Faded in the air...


Just Simple said...

Hmm... You write or copy paste? Hehehe... Sounds familiar.

Merseysider said...

nah, i neva copy paste, except lyrics n sports info oni, hehe...
my own words.

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