Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Screaming... "WHAT I HAVE DONE???"

Life at Merseyside
Sleep before 12 midnight
Wake up before half pass 6
Preparing to work
That's my life
From monday til friday

10 minutes ironing shirt
5 minutes in toilet
10 minutes bathe
5 minutes from house to car
That's the preparation
From monday til friday

Leave for work a quarter pass 7
Must reach office before 8
Even if reach 10 minutes earlier
Still consider late
That's how it start
My working life
From monday til friday

Punch in before 8
Punch out a quarter pass 4
Leaving for home after that
That's my life
From monday til friday

Working, dealing with
different kind of people
Trying to...
deliver everything on time
That's really a working life
From monday til friday

Sometimes even worse
Have to come on saturday
But luckily...
Have replacement on that
Got people sad
Got people happy
But to most of us
It's a win win situation
That's the way
how management deals

My weekends...
Seldom spent wisely
Seldom manage wisely

That is why...
Got people complain
Got people benefited

After all
I'm trying,
and trying to make my life easier

But sometimes
When i sit back and think
God doesn't really treat me bad
But my life
Seems to be messy
Ruin by myself
Ruin by my intelligence
Gifted by the One

Everyone, everybody
Deserve a better life
If we think, ours is bad now
Why not change?
Change our lifestyle
Just have a sip of coffee
and think properly

I do hope to:
Change those needed to be changed
Keep those which is still needed
This could...
make my life easier and better!


Just Simple said...

Our life will be much better ;-)

I'm changing too! Let's berusaha together. (forget how to say berusaha in english)

Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

Cut down on smoking lah

Merseysider said...

hehe, probably i will, trying to. but seems dat life ain't dat easy lately, it sucks.

Mercy Talkers