Saturday, July 07, 2007

Working on Saturday

Hmmm... the 1st replacement day for the upcoming festival has begun. As it will be a full day work for every replacement, we can see lots of faces showing their unwillingness to come for work. But, what to do, this is an order, hehehe...

To be frank, this is the longest replacement that i've ever have in my whole life, more than 5 working days will be replaced for a single festival, wow, that will be at least a week long holiday during the festive season.

It will be very hectic for the next 2-3 months as we have replacement almost every saturday, which means, sunday will be the only restday of the week.

To most of the people who are going to have celebration, they are happy with the management, like wise, "suffer 1st, sweet later". But for those who are not, there will be lots of question marks coming out of their mind.

"Why do we need more than a week long holiday?"
"1 week is not enough is it?"
"Sigh... why do we always have replacements?"

And some will say: "Hmmm... can have vacation d." or "This is fun, can have a week long break, isn't that great?"

After some analysis, i found out that not all organization is practicing the same replacement idealogy. Most are depending on its own policy, the culture of the organization. The normal practice is: JUST TAKE LEAVE WHENEVER YOU NEED IT AND IT'S UP TO YOUR BOSS WHETHER HE/SHE WANTS TO APPROVE IT OR NOT.

But for those who are working in big organization, most of the time, holidays for those major festivals are decided by the top management. Perhaps, this is the best way to sort things out, eventhough it won't pleased everybody, but at least there won't be any replacement for the holidays.

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